CHILDREN MARCHING TLCEEvery year, countries all around the world take part in our Global Action Week for Education, bringing together students, teachers, parents, decision-makers and campaigners to demand action for quality education for everyone. 

In 2018 a vast array of diverse and exciting activities has already been planned by national, regional and international education campaigners.

We'll be updating this list of countries taking part throughout April, but you can also register your own activities to tell us how you will be Standing Up for Education here.




Activities in participating countries so far:


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Timor Leste


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sénégal, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, South Sudan, Swaziland, The Gambia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Europe/ North America

Moldova, United States

Latin America

Latin America, Colombia, Peru

Middle East

Palestine, Yemen


Afghanistan: Movement for Support of Quality Education in Afghanistan (MSQEA)

MSQEA is planning a press conference and high-level political meeting for Global Action Week for Education between the 22nd and 28th of April. The Afghanistan government has authorized the attendance of personnel from the office of the President, Ministry of Education and Parliamentarians, and the gathering will also be open to the public. MSQEA is calling for the Development of credible and transparent roadmaps for the implementation of the full SDG 4 agenda by putting in place clear mechanisms for transparency and accountability to citizens and civil society to ensure delivery on the Education 2030 Agenda and the Right to Education in general in the country.


Bangladesh: Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)

This year’s campaign is aimed towards mobilization at the grassroots level engaging partner NGOs and Teacher Unions. CAMPE has planned activities with its partners through a series of consultation with local stakeholders. Ministers and elected MPs will be invited in the events. Representatives from the concerned ministries and departments, renowned educationist, researcher, Teacher union representatives, teachers, guardians, students, School Management committee members and media will be invited to join in the program, along with celebrities, popular musicians and artists. More information on the CAMPE website >>


Benin: Coalition Béninoise des organisations pour l’education pour tous (CBO-EPT)

The Benin education coalition is calling their government to respect and act on the pledges that were taken at the GPE Financing Conference in February of this year, to address the challenges of implementing the new architecture of the education system in Benin, as well as to develop an educational project to inform all actors in the education sector (parents, educators, students etc) about the education2030 and SDG4 agendas through a roundtable conference with representatives from the Ministry of Education and the teaching profession.


Burkina Faso: Coalition Nationale pour l’education pour tous du Burkina Faso (CN-EPT/BF)

Between the 25th to 27th of April, the National Coalition for Education for All in Burkina Faso (CN-EPT/BF) will be hosting an advocacy ceremony where the civil society report on the state of SDG4 implementation will be launched. Attending the event (one of 12 events held in all provinces in the country) are the Minister for Education and Finance/Development, the presdient of the national assembly, teachers unions, parents of learners and other stakeholders.


Cameroon: Cameroon Education for All Network (CEFAN)

CEFAN is planning a long advocacy campaign aimed at government, parliament and local elected representatives to put pressure on the government to deliver its promise made at the Dakar Financing conference to increase the education budget to be 17.9% of public spending by 2020.


Latin American Region: Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación (CLADE)

CLADE is campaigning to have public debates hosted by each of its member country coalitions to discuss the setbacks and advances in the fulfillment of the right to free, quality public education in each country and support countries in the region who are producing Voluntary National Reports for this year’s High Level Political Forum. CLADE is calling on governments to guarantee and strengthen structured, safe and institutionalized spaces for the active and effective participation of civil society in the monitoring and implementation of the 2030 Education Agenda, in particular related to legislation, planning, budget and monitoring; eliminate and reject policies and legislation that aim to repress and criminalize social protest and the work of defenders of human rights and members of the educational community; and to enable the broad participation of civil society in monitoring and implementation of education policies and to develop credible and transparent plans for the implementation of Education 2030 agendas.


Colombia: Coalicion Colombiana por el Derecho a la Educacion (CCDE)

Our Colombian education coalition is holding regular meetings with congressional advisors to draft meaningful constitutional reforms in the education policies of the country.


Cote D’Ivoire: Reseau Ivorien pour la promotion de l’education pour tous (RIP-EPT)

The Ivorian education coalition is hosting a panel discussion in each of its 11 regional committees with representatives from the local government and the regional directorate of education and vocational training. They are calling for the government to hold to its commitments made at the GPE Financing Conference in February of this year.


Ghana: Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition

The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition will use GAWE 2018 to demand increased investment in Kindergarten and Primary Education in view of the declining share of the education budget to these sub-sectors. The national launch of GAWE in Ghana will be held on the 23rd of April in the capital city of Accra and will bring together government, development partners, civil society and other stakeholders to deliberate on ways to improve accountability in order to achieve the SDG4 targets.


Guinea-Bissau: Rede da Campanha de Educação Para Todos - Guiné-Bissau/RECEPT-GB 

RECEPT-Guinea Bissau will host a peaceful march to the capital city of Bissau during GAWE to call for better access to education for all in the country, particularly for girls and children with disabilities. In order to commemorate GAWE, they are also hosting a sports tournament from students from a number of schools in the capital.


India: National Coalition for Education (NCE)

This is year, NCE’s GAWE campaign will be hosted in 15 States of India and will focus on two major issues concerning the quality of education. The first is the status of teachers’ education in India; and also drawing attention to the shrinking space for participation of Teachers’ organizations and CSOs in policy-making and also the privatization of teachers training institutes.  

NCE has partnered with more than 200 NGOs and INGOs. These includes grassroots organizations who work with community, research organizations, advocacy and unions.  More on NCE India website >>


Japan: Japan NGO Network for Education (JNNE) 

JNNE will be participating in the World’s Biggest Lesson from the 14th of April up until the 30th of June 2018. This involves numerous primary, secondary and high schools as well as universities in Japan. JNNE calls for an increase allocation of ODA to basic education and the prioritising of low-income countries and fragile states. JNNE also calls its government to expand both technical cooperation and financial support in order to meet the demands of developing countries and offer more contributions to Global Partnership for Education Fund (GPE Fund).  


Kenya: Elimu Yetu Coalition

Elimu Yetu is Kenya’s national education coalition, and this year during GAWE, will host a Breakfast meeting with policy makers and media, and organise an open event in Uhuru Park Ground in Nairobiwith an anticipated 1000 participants. Among other demands, Elimu Yetu is calling its government to establish more public schools in urban informal settlements and allocate more finances to education, particularly aimed at schools for children with special educational needs.


Kyrgyzstan Education Coalition

The Krygyzstan national education coalition hosted a roundtable and a fair on the 23, 25 and 28th of March to commemorate GAWE in 2018, with a range of participants including students, pupils, parents, NGO leaders, ministries, deputies and journalists.


Liberia: The African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglectn

ANPPCAN-LIBERIA is against , child labor, trafficking, sexual exploitation abuse & Neglect of young boys and girls in our society; and is demanding that all children on the move be free, safe, & educated in our society. They plan to make sure children on the move are empowered through accessing quality education. Their activities include campaigning for education for children on the move, as well as protest, awareness, initiatives and social media advocacies. More information on their website >>


Madagascar: La Coalition nationale malgache pour l'éducation pour tous (Conamept)

CONAMEPT will be hosting a televised public debate conference entitled “present your view on the state of education in Madagascar” and will call on the Malagache government to disemminate the results and plans for their commitments made at the GPE Financing conference. Attending this debate will be the chairman of the parliamentary and Senate committee for education and a representative from the ministry of finances/national budget. Among other demands, CONAMEPT is calling for the government to establish clear mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability to citizens and civil society to achieve Education 2030 and to ensure that these transparency and accountability mechanisms take into account and prioritize the participation of women, persons with disabilities and representatives of marginalized communities.


Malawi: Civil Society Education Coalition

CSEC will host a Solidarity March and High level stakeholder engagement meeting  in Lilongwe, inviting three parliamentary committees namely, Education, Finance and Social Welfare. Additionally, it will involve ministries of Finance, Education and Gender.


Mali: Colation des organisations de la société civile pour l’education pour tous au Mali

In Mali, GAWE 2018 plans are full steam ahead. On the 26th and 27th of April, there will be an Advocacy Session on the theme "Role of Decentralized Communities in Achieving SDG4". It will be held in the headquarters of the HCCT (High Council of Territorial Communities) of Bamako and in the premises of the Regional Council of the Sikasso Region. Members of the national assembly, citizens, the governor of the region, school directors, teachers, unions and representatives from the national committee of human rights will be in attendance.


Mozambique: Movimento de Educação Para Todos (MEPT)

The Network this year will focus more on the issue of financing, looking for efficiency and efficiency in the management of resources allocated to the Education sector, particularly in gender issues. MEPT will organise a debate on Effectiveness and efficiency in the management of funds for quality education focusing on the following topics; Efficiency and Efficiency of the System and Resource Management; Human and Financial Resources; Assiduity; Accountability. You can listen to the radio announcement (in Portuguese) here and watch the TV spot below.


Moldova: The Alliance of active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF)  

On April 26, the APSCF Secretariat will organize a Press gathering entitled “Improving transparency and accountability of the budgets of educational institutions” which will involve a discussion with parents and parents' associations on budget transparency in educational institutions.Representatives of the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, members of the EFA Group, parents, parents’ associations, members of the APSCF Coordinating Council and representatives of the media, will attend this event. 


Myanmar: National Network for Education Reform (NNER) 

NNER’s public Campaign for GAWE 2018 will be a talk in Nyaung Shwe and Naung Kham, Shan State. The talk a presentation intended to public awareness raising and advocacy about the aims of SDG4 and its national implementation. 


Nepal: National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE Nepal) 

During GAWE 2018, NCE Nepal will send a delegation to the local government, encourage continuous lobby and monitoring by the districts and reporting, collect 1000 letters from citizens around the country and send these with the Delegation to the Prime Minister’s Office. Letters will talk to the following demands: that the Government should allocate adequate budget to the education sector so that public schools can provide free and quality basic education in line with the government’s constitutional commitment; There should be no charges, direct or indirect, for basic education; Local governments should adopt a right-based framework, promoting the participation of Civil Society Organizations, youth and children, to monitor the children’s’ right to education, and others. More on NCE Nepal website >>


Niger: Coalition nigérienne des Associations et ONG de Campagne EPT au Niger (ASO-EPT Niger) 

ASO-EPT Niger’s main campaign demands pertain to compliance and implementation of the Nigerian government’s pledges and commitments made to education financing. They demand the provision of sufficient financial resources as promised by the President of the Republic (25% share of budget to education) and the government's commitment to the Dakar replenishment fund, as well as the provision of qualified teachers in quantity (so that each class a has a qualified teacher). They will also be launching a school feeding scheme campaign.


Nigeria: Civil Society Action Coalition On Education For All (Csacefa) 

The Nigerian education coalition will host a community rally on the 26th of April in the capital city of Abuja, inviting youths, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Education directors, Chairmen of the Senate and House committees on education of the national Assembly, Media, and international development partners. They are calling for: Safe schools and environments for students; better Teacher recruitment, good welfare packages for teachers and training and retraining of teachers; Government to keep their promise and deliver on the GPE replenishment pledge made for 2018.


Palestine: Palestinian Education Coalition

The Palestinian Education Coalition is launching a media campaign during GAWE to draw attention to tax justice for social justice and education financing in the country. The campaign is aimed at the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Parliament members, UNRWA officers, Director of local municipalities, schools, teacher and parent councils. 


Peru: Organización Para el Desarrollo Ambiental y la Educación Regional (ODAER)

ODAER’s campaign this year for GAWE focuses particularly on youths or adults who are excluded from the educational system and calls for better access and inclusion in the country. The campaign is targeted at the national ministry of Education and other political authorities.


Philippines: Civil Society Network for Education Reforms - Philippines (ENet Philippines) 

ENet Philippines is holding a Public Forum and Workshop with the theme "Public Good over Private Profit: revisiting the Principle of Education as a Human Right and Public Good". Participants will be civil society organizations representing different education stakeholders/sectors - youth and students, teachers, human rights advocates, persons with disability, and other community organizations. 


Rwanda: Rwanda Education for All Coalition (REFAC)

REFAC will build on the theme for GAWE 2018 of “Accountability for SDG4 through Citizen Participation” to raise the voice for free education of vulnerable children living in rural areas and from poor families who are still missing school because of the extreme poverty of their parents. They will be asking the government to reinforce its school feeding program so that it can be extended to all children including the ones who can not afford the minimum wage required. 


Senegal: Coalition des Organisations en SYnergie pour la Défense de l'Education Publique (COSYDEP)

COSYDEP will be holding a national forum for sharing and citizen inquiry on the process of implementing SDG4 in Senegal. Each of the 14 local branches of COSYDEP will host a public conference or forum to gather the main recommendations of civil society in the national voluntary follow-up report that our country will present during the High Level Political Forum scheduled for July at UN headquarters; and to Institutionalize mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability to citizens and civil society to deliver Education 2030 and the right to education in general.


Sierra Leone: Education For All Sierra Leone Coalition (EFA-SL)

EFA-SL coalition campaigns for increase budgetary allocation to at least 20% of national budgetary allocation to education and 6% GDP, and for inclusivity and quality education for all categories of children. In the GAW week the coalition will engage the party's officials to discuss and explain how they intend as a new government to fulfill the “Free Education promise" for both primary and senior secondary schools. This event is to be held in late April and to early May 2018. Activities include a GAWE Planning meeting, the development and production of GAW Messages, radio and TV discussion and a parade for schools. More information on the EFA-SL website >>


Somaliland: Somaliland Network on Education For All (SOLNEFA ) 

The Network will push demands for more financing in education particularly marginalized communities like girls and people with disabilities. They plan to organise a  national marching day at Freedom square park in Hargeisa, on the 2nd day of May 2018. Headteacher from selected schools, Officials from the Ministry of Education, Members from Parliament, Students, Parents and Government officials are invited. More information on the SOLNEFA website >>


South Sudan: National Education Coalition

The #GAWE2018 campaign demands will focus on: a quality teacher for a working South Sudan; a better education sector coordinator for effective service delivery; equal access to education by girl child. This will be done during the launching of South Sudan girls Education strategy. Planned activities include a meeting with LEG (Hon. Minister of Education to be invited); focus group discussion with students of school of education of Upper Nile University between April 23rd to 4th of May. 


Swaziland: Swaziland Network Campaign For Education For All (SWANCEFA) 

On the 27th of April 2018, SWANCEFA will hold an event to engage the minister of education and training with the aim to make him commit to scrap the constitutional circular which aims to reinstate “top up fees” in primary education. The coalition will also use this meeting with the minister to urge him to increase the budget spent on special education needs and programmes that will ensure young girls stay in school.


The Gambia: The Education for All Campaign Network- (EFANet)  

EFANet’s engagements for gAWE2018 include but are not limited to the following actions: “Hold radio and television programs; develop ICMs ; organize a 'bantaba' to discuss about the theme & conduct media campaigns” in the broader aim to to hold the government accountable for the commitment they made in the Replenishment Conference on Education Financing in order to guarantee that SDG4 and increase the education budget as well as meet the ECOWAS benchmark of 23% and 6% GDP on education financing, and to hold the National Assembly Members accountable for the pursuance and enactment of the Disability Bill which aims to address the plight of people with disabilities.



Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET) 

In the second week of May, 2018, TEN/MET will be holding preparation meetings at all level national and local levels, organising TV talks, preparing location specific advocacy materials, and holding senstization meetings with different stakeholders including policy makers for GAWE2018.

ActionAid Tanzania

ActionAid Tanzania will focus on collective accountability to promote Girls education and reasserting the importance's of ensuring schools are gender sensitive. This will include the importance of ensuring no children (e.g. girls, children with disabilities, minorities etc.) are excluded due to lack of adequate, appropriate and inclusive learning infrastructures and sanitation facilities. They will conduct a CSOs one day meeting for discussing and show case quality education initiatives and the underlying challenges; and facilitate community outreach and media meetings in two ward clusters in Chamwino. More on ActionAid Tanzania website >>


Timor Leste: Civil Society Education Partnership Timor-Leste (CEPTIL)

CEPTIL’s national campaign/policy demands are education financing to contribute to quality education and commit to align the national education strategic plan 2030 with the global agenda of SDG4/Education 2030. Through this Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) 2018. CEPTIL will push our government and political leaders to consider their own commitment on the increasing of education budget in Timor-Leste as based on their declarations in Dakar 2018 at GPE Replenishment Meeting. A seminar will be held on the 26th of April to effect these demands, inviting a variety of stakeholders.


Togo: Coalition Nationale Togolaise pour l'Education Pour Tous (CNT/EPT)

On the 23rd of April, the education coalition from Togo will host a “big lesson” with school children and government figures like the ministers of Education and Finance, as well as parliamentarians, where an official launch of a GAWE2018 themed advocacy document will be presented. The coalition is also undertaking a national media campaign, online and through radio and television.


Uganda: Forum for Education NGO in Uganda(FENU) 

FENU will ask for budget increment for the Directorate of Education standards; a reviewed salary structure for science teachers; and the newly released O-level curriculum. A National radio talk show; Press conference and Meeting of member CSOs are planned around 26th April 2018. More on FENU website >>


United States: Global Campaign for Education-US (GCE-US)

GCE-US national campaigns/policy demands include robust funding for international affairs and global education through the United States congressional appropriations process. GCE-US works to ensure that all children have access to a quality education. GCE-US calls on the United States Congress to support global education and international affairs through robust funding through congressional appropriations.  On April 17, 2018, GCE-US participated in the World Bank Spring Meetings and led a Civil Society Policy Forum on Education & Accountability.
For Global Action Week for Education, GCE-US is working to promote global education by mobilizing coalition members & citizens to take action to support global education. GCE-US is hosting a series of twitter chats with global education champions to promote quality education for Global Action Week, the twitter chats will take place on the following dates: 4/24/2018 at 4pm ET 4/25/2018 at 4pm ET 4/26/2018 at 10AM ET 4/27/2018 at 4pm ET We will also host a webinar to promote global education on Thursday 4/26/2018 at 12pm ET.
To follow the GCE activities, look on their website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Zambia: Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC)

For GAWE2018, the coalition will demand an increased financing to the education sector; provision of quality education for all Zambians; an increased non state actor participation in holding the government accountable for their commitments in the education sector. From May 28th to June 1st, they will convene a stakeholders’ SDGs engagement based on theme for commemoration of Global Action Week; work on a press Statement on GAWE Theme; organise exhibitions by member organisations, radio programmes and other activities. More information on ZANEC website >>


Zimbabwe: Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI)

ECOZI is planning to have a face to face meeting with the new president of the country, President Earnest Mnangagwa, as well as the Ministers of Primary and secondary Education and Finance to call for the allocation of at least 3% of all the Value Added Tax (VAT) collected to be allocated to the Primary and Secondary Education Sector in Zimbabwe. This meeting is planned for the second week of May.



More updates coming soon!